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Voting and engagement

Encouraging issuers to improve their ESG practices


Ostrum Asset Management’s commitment to responsible investment does not only involve taking non-financial criteria into account in its investment processes. The company takes its approach a step further and is convinced that a responsible business strategy can make a real contribution to its performance over the long term and provide substantial benefits for all stakeholders. On the basis of this conviction, Ostrum Asset Management developed an approach aimed at taking an active part in voting at the companies where it holds investments and supports these businesses as they themselves develop more responsible practices. Ostrum Asset Management is resolutely committed to using its status as a shareholder for the greater good to support issuers as they improve their environmental, social and governance practices.

This approach is based on two key dimensions:

  • Voting at shareholders’ meetings at companies where Ostrum AM invests.


  • Active involvement: Ostrum Asset Management’s concerted policy approach is used to target very specific ESG areas and particularly focuses on issuers exposed to significant challenges or risks. It is primarily involved via its subsidiary Mirova’s tailor-designed engagement platform and by taking part in joint actions with ESG investors who share a common view of responsible asset management, and broad-based market initiatives, such as the PRI, Access to Medicine Index, Access to Nutrition, ICCR (Investor Statement on Bangladesh), FAIRR Network, etc.

For the most part, Ostrum Asset Management conducts focused actions via the engagement platform maintained by its subsidiary, Mirova, in order to pool the ESG dialogue efforts of investors with a shared a vision of responsible asset management, or via its participation in collaborative actions led by professional bodies.

In order to best work on ESG issues, Ostrum AM constantly updates its list of engagements.

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On 3 April 2018, Natixis Asset Management became Ostrum Asset Management.